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The New Girl Scout Leadership Program Model

The New Girl Scout Leadership Experience program model was introduced in the Fall of 2008. All troops must have transitioned to the new program by Fall of 2010. The new program is centered on building the world’s best leadership experience that ties activities to outcomes, provides differentiation for girls from kindergarten through high school, and offers flexible pathways for today’s diverse and busy girls and volunteers.

The program model offers a renewed focus on leadership development that ties all Girl Scout experiences to one or more of the 15 national leadership outcomes, or benefits, categorizing them under the three keys to leadership (Discover, Connect and Take Action). The three keys to leadership replace Girl Scouting’s “four program goals.”   

Please follow the links below to help you understand how best to deliver this new program to your scouts and to help you understand what is required. 

Program Overview

This link helps explain the various Journeys that are available at each level and provides a summary of requirements at each girl scout level. 


Follow this link for a description of each of the journeys and to determine which journey is right for your troop. 

Your Girl Scout Year

Follow this link to help map out your scouting year. What journey will you go on? 
What badges relate to your journey? What activities will tie into the journey? 

Take Action

We hear the term "take action" all the time now. What does that mean? 
This link helps to explain what Take Action means. 

Take Action FAQ

Once you know what Take Action means, you might still have questions. This link will help give you more insight. 

Bronze, Silver, Gold 

This link will help give you a simplified outline of what is required to earn each of these top level awards. 

       Gold Project - Organizations that have worked with our Service Unit

Journeys & Take Action