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Please use the worksheets below along with the information in the Event Binders to  plan your events. 
If you have any questions please contact your SUM, the Treasurer or Event Coordinator. 

La Canada Girl Scouts Events Guide

Planning Guidelines

Fundraising Guidelines updated 3/2017

Events Sign Ups Sheet 2017-2018

 The new school year's Event Sign Up sheet has been posted!  Several events have been claimed already.  What event would YOUR girls like to help run?

When you decide, contact Christy Stephen.


LCF - Financial Forms​

All deposits and reimbursement request must be sent/given the SU Treasurer within 1 month of the event. All receipts should be attached to the appropriate forms.

Reimbursements will not be issued until 
a Final Financial Report has been submitted. 
No receipts, no reimbursement.

LCF Service Unit Treasurer:

SU-Event Financial Report

Must be filled out and one copy turned in to the Treasurer and one copy in the event notebook.

Deposit Form

Deposit Record

Use these when turning in checks to the Treasurer that were collected for the SU.

Reimbursement/Check Requests

Use this form to submit all receipts for 
reimbursements to the Treasurer.

Council Forms

***NEW Events and Money 
Earning application link

The Council requires all Events to fill out and file the Application for Special Event. Use the link below to download the forms and follow the instructions on the forms when submitting to the council.
If you anticipate having non-girl scout attendees at your event, you must also file a request for additional insurance and pay the required sum. This is normally 
a very minimal expense. 

The Service Unit collects a $1 fee per girl for every event, regardless of if the event is money earning or not. The only exceptions are Glenola Tree Lighting, Memorial Day Parade, and Gold-Silver-Bronze Ceremony

If you want to run an event as a fundraiser - you will need to submit the money earning application. 
You will have to submit the form to the SU Manager 
no less than 4 weeks before the event and your not suppose to advertise the event until approved by the program specialist at council.

Additional Insurance Request Form

Final Report for all Special Events

Special Event Flyer Checklist

Event Directors